What It's All About

Written in a unique, clear, and interesting dialog style, the updated Dying 101: honestly addresses a number of heretofore unspoken subjects in a provocative, powerful, yet compassionate, way. Readers will find themselves caught up in a clear and fascinating 215-page conversation based on care receivers experiences and points of view.

The information was received by the authors as facilitators and counselors over many years from therapy/support groups and individuals with terminal Illnesses, their significant others, family, and friends.

Dying 101: provides insight how to help live life to its fullest for those living with a long-term, life-threatening or terminal illness (such as Cancer, Lupus, AIDS, Lou Gehrig’s disease, Cystic Fibrosis, Chronic Hepatitis, M.S., other chronic, degenerative diseases, and, yes, aging.)

Appropriate for both caregiver and care receiver, Dying 101: covers a spectrum of issues — emotional, financial, healthcare, physicians, family, suicide, legal, and final arrangements.

An easy chair graphic is used to symbolize suggested text resting spots after what may be difficult passages.