Introduction: Why We Did It
Message 1: The Itinerary

Making Plans – You’re Not Dead Yet.
Getting the News.
Different Ways to Take the Trip.
Where Are You?

Message 2: Doing Nothing

Letting Go Isn’t Giving Up.
Taking Care of Your Physician.
Whose Trip Is This Anyway?
Suicide by Any Other Name.
Palliative Care.
Physician Assisted Suicide.
Option 3 - Assisted Slumber.

Message 3: Hidden Agendas

Yours and Theirs. Insurance. Physicians.
Who’s Responsible? Medical. Family.

Message 4: Practicing

Medicine - When They Get It Right,
They’ll Let You Know.
Practice Grieving.
Practice Withdrawing.
Practice Becoming Angry.
Practice “Playing Normal.”
Practice Making Difficult Decisions.
Practice Talking About Death.
Practice Making Arrangements.
Practice Going to the Other Side.
Practice Taking Control.

Message 5: Why Are You Sick?

External and Self Blame. Shame and Guilt.
Mind/Body Interaction.

Message 6: You Can’t Fool the Body!

What Is Your Body Saying?
What Are You Telling the Body?
What Are You Seeing?
So Many Choices.

Message 7: Important Paperwork

House and Stuff.
Advance Directives. General Power
of Attorney. Financial Matters.
The Trust.
Tangible Items.
Support Systems.
Spiritual Needs.
The Long-Term Survivor.
Final Plans.

Message 8: What’s Left Behind or You Can’t Take It with You

Damage Control.
Goodbye Party.
Final Scene.
Memories, Memorials, and Funerals.
Epilogue: The End