Our Testimonials

Stuart Bloom, Ph.D.

Even after 40 years of doing this work, I found Dying 101: to be an incredibly powerful, moving, and informative text...The authors are practical and spiritual guides for this most scared of all journeys. They ...  Read more

Matthew Janssen, M.D.

It will serve the purpose of empowering patients to ask better questions...The ‘Hidden Agendas’ information was great. Something I haven’t seen explained this clearly before.

Judy Anselmo, R.N.

You opened my eyes...to organize these affairs... I appreciate your being straightforward and honest to your readers.

Donald MIller, Esq.

It makes the often-avoided topic accessible...shows people how they can ‘own’ the process and take action...It’s something of a script/rehearsal notes for what everyone will face. For that reason alone, it’s a ...  Read more

Josh Luke, Ph.D.

There are few people more qualified to prepare this book...While it was written for individuals to take ‘an active role in controlling your life’...I found it to be useful in stimulating thoughts and different ...  Read more